The socket and switch are the key components that power flow smoothly in all electrical systems. There are types of energy consumers, from simple electric bulbs to different appliances. The switches and sockets provide flawless operation effectively and safely. The all-functional 6a switch is used both in residential and office establishments. The 16A switch can handle heavy electric loads that can be very useful in appliances like air conditioners and washing machines.  We aim to give you the best solutions for reliable power in your environment. Trust us for simple and adaptable solutions that meet different needs. So now let us dive deep and know their significance for our everyday activities.

What are “switches and sockets”?

The switches and sockets are the things that either allow or prevent the flow of electricity in our homes. The switch has a turn on/off the lights option, while the socket is the outlet where we can plug different devices and appliances for power.

Proper installation and regular maintenance of switches and sockets will help prevent electric hazards such as electric shocks, short circuits, and fires. Supervising and replacing damaged or out-of-date wiring devices is an important part of the safety process.

Types of switches and Sockets.

1. 6A Switch:

– A 6a switch can handle 6 ampere current. Overwhelmingly used for turning on/off lights, fans and small appliances.

-The switches are the best for low power devices with a wide range of designs and styles to coordinate with the interior décor of your house.

2. 16A Switch:

– A 16a switch that has an ampere capacity of up to 16 amps. It is powering these heavy appliances among others such as air conditioners, refrigerators, and washing machines.

– The 16a switch is far tougher than the 6a switches and more able to hold constant the higher electricity consumption.

Understanding Switch Wiring:

An in-depth understanding of how switches are installed can make resolving problems easier and the installation process simpler.

– Single-Pole Switches: These toggle switches either turn on a sole fixture or deactivates an appliance that provides the basic ON/OFF function.

– Double-Pole Switches: The devices that need a dedicated circuit can be controlled with the double-pole switch which has two separate controls of on/off.

– Three-Way Switches: In general, these switches are installed inside the stairways and hallways and thus one can control one fixture or an appliance from two different sites.


These switches and sockets, along with other components, play the most important role. Through the determination of the types, the wiring of it and the safety measures we can make sure that it is functioning well, and ensures the safety of the living environment. Our expert brand is your allied partner in electrical solutions such as switches and sockets. The range of our solutions is created in accordance with precision, quality, and reliability including 6A lever switches and 16A switches as the illustrative instances. Trust us to deliver solutions which will improve the livability in your areas.