Do you have doubts about buying unlisted Tata Capital Ltd shares and whether it would be profitable? In the past 15 years, Tata Capital has become the third largest NBFC, only next to the Bajaj Twins. It is because of the backing of its parent company, Tata Sons, the flagship Tata Group. From providing flight services to selling salt, Tata has been the household name in the nook and corner of India. And it has grown by leaps and bounds and increased the trust among people to invest in all its share. The recent proof is the stunning performance of the Tata Technologies IPO, which gave a return of 140% on the day of listing in the exchanges.  

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Seven surprising reasons for making a profitable investment in Tata Capital Ltd

As per its group policy, Tata Capital is one of India’s top NBFCs or non-banking companies, providing many loans at low interest rates and EMIs to Indian people. TCL’s loan book is continuously rising to help people fulfill their personal and business needs. With NPA or nonperforming assets at record lows and profits at record highs, Tata Capital is growing exponentially. The following are a few reasons for its recent rise to almost double from Rs. 450 to 850 and rise further. 

  1. RBI raising TCL to be the upper layer NBFC has increased the chances of it coming out with an IPO in 2025
  1. TCL to raise 280 billion rupees through NCDs or nonconvertible bonds from overseas investors to expand its business exponentially
  1. Fitch and S&P Global Ratings have given TCL the first-time issuer BBB rating to increase its value internationally
  1. With 1,000 crores and 2,500 crore infusion into TCL in recent years, Tata Sons has increased people’s trust in it to borrow money to proliferate.
  1. In January 2024, Tata Capital merged two subsidiaries: Cleantech Capital and Tata Capital Financial Services.  
  1. TCL’s lending book has seen a 25% rise to reach 1 34 762 in September 2023 from 1,19,573 crore in March 2023
  1. PAT or profit after tax of TCL has seen a tremendous rise in recent years, growing from 1,242 crore rupees in 2021 to 4,745 crore rupees in 2023 and raising more in 2024.

End note :

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