Look no further if you want to know the predicted CSK share prices at the end of 2024.  CSK, or Chennai Super Kings, is not only the most popular and successful IPL team but also in the unlisted share market.  If the team has won the trophy five times, CSK’s stock price has increased over 15 times on the grey market.  In 2023, if the team wins the trophy for the fifth time, its net profits will come down compared to 2022.  It is because CSK is buying franchisees in the US and South Africa cricket leagues.  Also, in September 2023, its board increased its loan borrowing from 250 to 350 crore rupees to increase its investments. 

So, continue reading the blog until the end to know the many factors that could predict the CSK shares price at the end of 2024 to make high yields for your investment in the first unicorn in the sports industry with over 1.2 billion dollars valuation. 

What is the current CSK share price?

Chennai Super Kings Cricket Ltd is the company that owns CSK,  the most popular IPL team in India.  The company, incorporated in 2014, is a subsidiary brand of India Cements, the ninth-largest listed cement company in India in revenue.  If Dhoni is the shining star of the CSK team, N.Srinivasan, the former ICC chief, shines as the managing director of India Cements. 

Since 2008, the CSK team has won the IPL titles five times, holds the record for playing ten finals and qualified 12 times out of the 14 seasons’ playoff stages.  The CSK share price has increased five times from 40 rupees in 2019 to around Rs 200 in  2023.  The current CSK unlisted share price in the many reputed platforms is about 180 rupees. 

What factors could predict the CSK shares price at the end of 2024?

Predicting stock prices in the exchanges is challenging, as it may depend on many more challenging factors in the grey market.  Though a few platforms offer all essential data to predict the price, it still depends on the demand and supply along with other factors, including the following. 

  • The amount that purchasing new franchisees in the US and South Africa will add to the revenue stream in 2024 is a critical factor. 
  • Another crucial factor is the revenue increase or decrease of CSK’s diversified model from various sources, like merchandise sales, sponsorships, media rights ticket sales, and prize money.
  • The ways that CSK Ltd will use the borrowing loan of 350 crores will impact the CSK unlisted stock price.
  • The most crucial factor is that CSK’s IPO plan has more chances to become a reality in the next few years, and any news about it could even trigger an upsurge in the CSK share price.

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