The pain of an infirm person suffering for years can not be put into words. The inability to move about on your own or the inability to get to the washroom when one needs to, truly makes life harder than normal. That person even feels alone and burdensome on the others. It is not about the ability to move but about basic human autonomy. That is why a wheelchair with a commode is important in such situations.

Oftentimes the elderly, the sick, and the specially abled face problems going to the bathroom as they have difficulty walking on their own. There is no doubt that the person taking care of them might not be available at the moment of their need due to some unforeseen circumstances. During such times, a wheelchair with commode becomes a necessity. It may sound unconventional but it has been tested and proven by Vissconext to be one of the most popular products.

How does it work?

The commode chair, which has been in the market for a while now, solves the purpose as it addresses the problem of immobility—the problem of getting to the bathroom by oneself. That is why this innovation from Vissconext is truly remarkable. This wheelchair commode has the potential to be a solution to many problems faced by thousands of people. If an individual is unable to get to the restroom in time due to ongoing physical issues, they can defecate in the commode itself.

Is it easy to use? Is it good quality?

With this device, the people in charge of the concerned person can have a few breaks in a day or go do their important chores. The commode wheelchair is made keeping comfort in mind as the priority. Thus if you wish to buy this device for anyone, you can be rest assured of their safety and comfort. A wheelchair with a commode can also come in handy if someone is facing temporary injuries and is unable to walk. Needless to say Vissconext offers a high-quality commode chair, with a sleek design and minimal weight of the product.

The wheels attached to the chair move easily so that the person in the chair does not have to work hard to move about. It is a great innovation for people facing sickness. Vissconext has truly made a life-altering change for many people with their wheelchair commode, which is both easily accessible and reasonably priced, keeping in mind the needs of the people.


Many people have already purchased the product and given great reviews of its multipurpose usage and quality. If you are an infirm or specially abled person, you deserve the autonomy to go around and get to the restroom without assistance. If you are a person taking care of an infirm or elderly person, you deserve a break. So, if you are planning to buy one, you can go to the Vissconext website to get a more detailed view of the product.